The pursuit of purpose Retreat January 23, 2020

Align your purpose with your work and you will do great things.

Knowing your unique purpose serves as a guide to what and how you accomplish your goals and dreams,
and it is good for business.

When aligned with your purpose,


* 4x more engaged

* 50% more likely to be promoted

* Alignment of purpose with work is the #1 contributor to job satisfaction

My why, makes me a better employer, wife, mother, friend, and overall human.

I've incorporated my why into our business mission, which makes it clear to our employees on what's important to us in terms of success.

During those moments when I worry that I'm not going in the right direction with my business, I just need to look at my why and remind myself that I'm on the right track.

~ Brook Easton, Easton Design

When aligned with your purpose,


* 42% more likely to learn something new everyday

* 2 times more likely to be content with their lives

* live on average 7 years longer

The Retreat

The Pursuit of Purpose Retreat will guide you toward putting your purpose into words.

During this retreat, you'll look at the stories which have made a signifcant impact on our life and how that impact has made you into who you are today.

Our purpose comes from our past and influences our future.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

9 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Iowa Writer's House, Iowa City, IA

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Space is limited to 14.

Start 2020 off with a clear direction and purpose.

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