Do people really understand what you do?

How much is confusion and uncertainty costing you?

  • Do people understand the product or service you offer?
  • When faced with the changing needs of your customers and market challenges, do you feel indecisive and unsure of the next step?
  • Are you consistently hiring the right people – the ones who reflect the company values and believe in the mission?
  • Are you spending significant time explaining your business to web developers, graphic designers, and copywriters?

Each of these questions ties back to your brand and the purpose of your business. When a customer experiences mixed signals they will hesitate – or worse – decide to move on to a competitor, costing you far more than you realize.

Your brand shouldn't be a silent partner in your business.

Build your brand around the critical C's

The result is a bond - a human connection - between you and those you serve.

Creating a human bond through your brand

I have cracked the code of making businesses more human. It is about recognizing and understanding the vulnerability of those you serve, being there when they need you, and responding with purpose-driven authenticity.


Creating a bond with those you serve is important. Each interaction represents an opportunity to make a difference in their world. You want a connection that is real and purposeful not transactional – one your client’s value as much as you do.

Amy M Austin's pledge to you

My promise to you is this:

  • I will meet you where you are at.
  • I will not bombard you with industry jargon without explaining what it means and why it is important.
  • I will help you uncover the vulnerability of your customers so you can empathize with their problems.
  • While the path I follow to define the human connection between you and your customers is the same, the results are unique to you and your business.

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