Austin Marketing is dedicated to building successful relationships through education, engagement, and empowerment.

Every day you face the challenge of:

  • bringing in new customers – who now have greater influence in selecting the providers they see
  • retaining your existing clients with stellar customer service
  • introducing new physicians or services
  • telling your brand story through multiple media outlets
  • building and sustaining relationships with your referral sources
  • meeting operational and financial goals

It is overwhelming. Sound marketing strategy is critical to meet your business goals, now more than ever. You can’t afford to overlook marketing if you want to stay competitive.

Collaboration with my clients resulted in:

  • increased utilization of laser treatment for skin rejuvenation
  • recruitment of nursing staff, eliminating the need for traveling nurses
  • implementation of a new brand profile and website
  • launch of a blog and social media presence
  • 8-10% increased activation rate for online program following targeted direct mail campaign

Let’s develop a marketing strategy focused on educating, engaging and empowering those you serve.

More about Amy...

I am one of THOSE people. You know the ones – the connectors.

As a true connector, I’m passionate about bringing people together. That’s why I’m a successful marketing professional… I love playing even the smallest role in making connections.

I founded Austin Marketing to use my natural marketing ability and over 20 years of healthcare experience to help professionals like you reach the people you most want to serve.

As an extension of your business, our partnership is as important to me as results. As passionate about your services as you are, I connect people with your expertise and become your best word-of-mouth advocate.

Tell me your challenges and I’ll help you overcome them.

Amy M Austin, Principal Strategist, Austin Marketing