Amy Austin of Austin Marketing helps her clients find clarity in their branding, challenging them to look at the core purpose of their business and using that to develop marketing strategies to build an authentic and thriving business. After spending over 20 years in hospital marketing departments, she started her business with the intent of moving marketing and branding from a tedious task and source of frustration to one of business transformation and confidence. She has been included on eVisit's list of 25 Healthcare Marketing Experts to Follow as well as the Top 100 Healthcare Marketing blogs. Let's talk about your current marketing challenges and how I can help. Schedule a call with me today.

Customer Experience with proactive with Joey Coleman

Customer experience is proactive

“Customer experience is proactive. Customer service is reactive.” This quote from Joey Coleman has helped provide me with much-needed clarity regarding the difference between experience and service. Having the context of experience being proactive, meaning anticipating and creating the experience we want our clients to have, is impactful to our businesses. Why wouldn’t we want…

Episode 26: Why aligning purpose and work is valuable

Why aligning purpose and work is valuable

Aligning purpose and work can have a tremendous impact on your job satisfaction, performance and overall well-being. And these three results are good for business. As a business owner, it is important to have satisfied and high-performing team members. Employee satisfaction and performance can be enhanced through professional development opportunities, which include helping the person…