Bringing your brand to life

Building and growing a business or practice takes more than just operational know-how. It takes a strong brand. One that educates your clients, engages them in conversation and empowers them to take action. Building a brand is being passionate about your purpose and sharing that passion with others. Austin Marketing can help.

Discover Your Why

Your why–or purpose–is the groundwork for your personal brand and that of your practice. As a healthcare provider, understanding your passion and why you choose the profession increases satisfaction for both you and those you serve. Your credibility and authenticity, as well as your business, flourishes.

Remember your why and practice it every day.

Brand & Marketing Strategy

Your brand is developed around how and what you offer to your patients. It is conveyed to them through the messages and interactions they have with you and your staff. What they think of your brand and how they choose to share it is their perception of the brand.

A solid brand and marketing strategy makes sure your patient’s perceptions match your the brand promise. 

Marketing Director On Call

For the times you need to bounce ideas off someone, brainstorm content strategies, or just get a fresh perspective, our Marketing Director On Call service is for you. Or maybe you are just getting started and need help understanding marketing concepts or where to start. 

Together let’s turn obstacles into opportunities and confusion into clarity. 

Meet Amy

Healthcare marketing isn’t promoting people being sick; it’s educating, engaging, and empowering people to confidently choose you or your service when they need it. Amy uses her 20 + years of experience in hospital marketing departments to develop brand and marketing strategies to connect you with your audience – whether it be a prospective patient, referring provider or other strategic business connection.  Part of being an engaging brand is the ability to see the connection between brand and experience. Your strategies are developed by bringing the business and experience perspective together.

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