I attended Amy’s “Why Discovery” workshop, hosted by The Dostal House, after reading Start With Why by Simon Sinek. Holy Smokes! This was so much more than I came prepared for! I found it extremely helpful to be guided through & held accountable to the steps laid out in Sinek’s book. We got a little “comfortably uncomfortable” & Amy pushed us to dig deeper to explore meaningful moments throughout our lives that, low & behold, were instrumental in shaping our own personal “why.” It blew my mind to see the strong connection between my personal “why” & the foundation of my business’ brand. Thanks to Amy’s guidance, & hands-on approach, I’ve found my “why” to be useful in guiding me to make “why-aligned” decisions in running my business. I loved this workshop, I discovered so much about myself in this workshop, & truly believe that “discovering my why” has been a non-negotiable step to building a successful business. Thank you Amy!