Working with Amy to better understand my Why helped me find focus and clarity on a number of business ideas. As a result, I’ve broken those projects down into a step-by-step plan to turn them into reality. Amy has the gift of curiosity. She leads you by asking thoughtful questions that help you reflect on the things that matter most to you. She’s a great listener and has grown far beyond a traditional marketing strategist to a coach that helps her clients discover her unique gifts.
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James Mayhew(your) Chief Inspiration Officer, James Mayhew Coaching & Consulting

The Why Discovery Workshop offers something every person and business is looking for: a true purpose. The workshop was based on strategies and exercises that individuals and/or teams can use to discover their motivations and reasons for getting up in the morning. It was great working with Amy and I found the workshop extremely useful. I would recommend it to anyone who is searching for the right job, trying to hire the right employees or hoping to gain a better understanding of themselves and the people they live and work with. A truly inspiring experience.
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Anna ScheetzEntrepreneur

I attended Amy’s “Why Discovery” workshop, hosted by The Dostal House, after reading Start With Why by Simon Sinek. Holy Smokes! This was so much more than I came prepared for! I found it extremely helpful to be guided through & held accountable to the steps laid out in Sinek’s book. We got a little “comfortably uncomfortable” & Amy pushed us to dig deeper to explore meaningful moments throughout our lives that, low & behold, were instrumental in shaping our own personal “why.” It blew my mind to see the strong connection between my personal “why” & the foundation of my business’ brand. Thanks to Amy’s guidance, & hands-on approach, I’ve found my “why” to be useful in guiding me to make “why-aligned” decisions in running my business. I loved this workshop, I discovered so much about myself in this workshop, & truly believe that “discovering my why” has been a non-negotiable step to building a successful business. Thank you Amy!

Meegan HofmeisterLifestyle Blogger, SignedM. Studio, Founder, The Dostal House

Amy has an amazing ability to get to the heart of what motivates me. Through careful listening and thoughtful questions, she helped me clarify the things that are truly important to me and that drive the work I do for others. She crystalized my “Why” and her insight has empowered me to make decisions about my work that are perfectly aligned with my passion and values. Thanks Amy!

Michelle Hunter Creative
Michelle HunterFounder of Michelle Hunter Creative

I have started applying the Why principals to my business – looking at who we do business with and how it fits the mission of our company. The course has brought clarity to both my why and that of the company.

Jason WonaseCEO, Collective Data