The Brand Confidence Mastermind is your guide.

As part of the Brand Confidence Mastermind, you’ll focus on creating an understanding of your brand, your audience, the services you provide and the experiences your clients have with your business.

Whether you are a start-up, a business focused on growth, or a manager with marketing in your assigned duties, this Mastermind is designed to bring you clarity, consistency and confidence in the work you are doing to build, nurture, and protect the valuable asset your brand represents to your business. You will feel such a deep connection and ownership in the brand you represent that you’ll think at a critical level how the decision you make today will impact the reputation of the brand tomorrow, next week, and next year.

We’ll dig into understanding the purpose of your business, the ideal target audience, their challenges, and how your brand is uniquely qualified to solve them.

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What's included in The Brand Confidence Mastermind?

Hot seat coaching

The core group is four businesses who come together twice a month for “hot seat” calls. Each member will share a marketing or branding challenge. Each participant, including me, will ask questions and provide feedback, rounding out time with an action item report on at the next call.

Quarterly goals

At the beginning of each quarter, we’ll share one or two goals/ commitments to be completed by the end of the quarter.


Between each coaching session, Amy will check in with you about the progress being made on your task from the hot seat.

Facebook group

Private Facebook group where all members can get to know each other, share successes, and ask questions. Pop-up training sessions will also be provided within the group.

Branding and marketing doesn't have to be complicated or frustrating.

It can be simple and enjoyable.

2020 has been challenging – for all of us. You likely wrote out some lofty goals for your business – I know I did – and, let’s face it, none of us had global pandemic on our 2020 BINGO card. Chances are you are thinking you may as well carry those 2020 goals over into 2021. But The Brand Confidence Mastermind will help you move the needle and reconnect you with the business purpose so you can achieve the clarity, consistency, and confidence you need to get back on track for the rest of 2020!

What you need is support, accountability, simple tools, and direction to make it happen.

When marketing moves from a tedious task to a transformative strategy, my clients feel a shift in their view of branding and marketing.


Have clarity of purpose and the next steps necessary to reach the next milestone in their business


Are consistently telling their story and reaching their ideal target audience


Are confidently growing their business using purposeful and intentional strategies meant to create a brand they proud to represent.

This is not for you if:

  • You are growing a MLM or product based business
  • You don’t have a business yet (or haven’t started building it)
  • You’re not open to being held accountable and doing the hard work to bring your brand to life.

This Mastermind is for you if you are done taking the "fire, aim, ready" approach to branding and marketing.

  • A business focused on exceeding your client’s expectations – there is always opportunity to learn and grow from others experiences.
  • A creative entrepreneur/solopreneur ready to be focused and deliberate about your brand and the marketing strategies to support it
  • A manager or business leader with marketing as part of your job responsibilities and very little or no support in those efforts
  • Done stumbling over how to describe what you do, who you serve and why you do the work you do. You are ready to put the foundation of your brand into words and share it with the world.
  • Seeking a supportive group of professionals who can help with roadblocks, hurdles and accountability.
  • Over feeling frustrated and insecure when faced with marketing decisions about your business. You want to grow and reach your goals and know there must be an easier way to do it.
  • Are fully committed to your business and the impact it can make to your clients. The only thing that is stopping you is how to get in front of those people.

To go fast, go alone. To go far, go together.

My goal is to:

Help you align the foundations of your brand with your purpose to gain clarity, consistency and confidence in the brand and marketing strategies you implement in your business.

We’ll do this together with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs who will support each other and grow as our businesses prosper.

Each month we will:

  • Hold two group accountability calls with your core group
  • Accomplish tasks and objectives we’ve requested to be held accountable to completing
  • Check in with each other regularly via the private Facebook group
  • Participate in pop-up live Facebook trainings
  • Celebrate each others progress and wins

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hot Seat Coaching?

Hot Seat Coaching is the most valuable part of this program. It will give you the opportunity to share a challenge you are currently facing within your marketing or branding and get feedback, questions, and advice from each member of the accountability group, as well as from me. The coaching session will last 15-20 minutes. At the end of your designated time, I will ask what you’d like to be held accountable for accomplishing between this session and the next scheduled session. In the week between sessions, I will check in with you to see how you are doing on the task and answer any questions you may have.

When are the Mastermind coaching sessions held?

The time of the coaching sessions will be determined by the initial participants of the group and the time that works best for them. As the Mastermind grows, more times will be added to the schedule and then a sign-up will be created so you will have greater flexibility in terms of which coaching session works best for your schedule during any given week.

A schedule will be published at the end of the week prior to the next round of coaching sessions and posted within the Facebook group as well as emailed to all Mastermind members.

Will the Mastermind meet in person or virtually?

Because members will be from various geographic locations, all our meetings will be held via Zoom. The additional benefit of this is a more efficient use of your time – no need to build in travel time to and from the meeting location.

What is the purpose of the Facebook group?

Each member of the Mastermind group will be invited to join the private Facebook group. Inside this group, we’ll get to know each other and our businesses. Additionally, I’ll be providing regular training, sharing case studies, current trends in marketing and branding, as well as answering questions between the coaching sessions. As members, you will be encouraged to post questions and share your own experiences with others in the group. It is not intended to be a space to sell or solicit business from your fellow Mastermind members. The intent is for this to become a community of support for each other.

How long does this Mastermind last?

Building brands is an infinite game, an ever-changing and evolving process. This Mastermind is an opportunity to nurture your brand and strengthen it month over month. The minimum commitment is three months, from there you can transition to a month-to-month membership. But just like a gym membership, once the membership lapses, the focus on the work also starts to lapse.

How many people will be in my group?

Each accountability group will have four people/businesses. As the program grows, more groups will be added but the individual group size will stay at four. When more groups are added, members will be able to sign up for the coaching time that best fits their schedule.

All members of The Brand Confidence Mastermind will be part of the private Facebook page.

How much does The Brand Confidence Mastermind cost?

First time members are required to commit to a quarter (three months). After the initial three months are up, membership can be month-to-month.

If you choose to pay by the quarter, the price is $789 (a $102 savings). Per month price is $297.

What are the benefits of being one of the first 10 businesses to join the Mastermind?

You did hear correctly. Austin Marketing is offering a special discount to the first 8 to 10 businesses to join the Mastermind.

Here are the benefits:

  • Help shape the format of the coaching sessions. Through your feedback, we’ll find the sweet spot for the hot seat coaching sessions. Maybe it is three, 20-minute sessions in an hour or maybe it is four, 15-minutes sessions in an hour-long session. Or maybe the group should be six businesses rather than four.
  • Have a say in how structure the Facebook group should function. Are designated topics beneficial? Or is the weekly training determined based on the topics discussed in the hot seat coaching sessions?
  • Participation in the coaching sessions. Should there be a “bye” week, meaning that you can skip the coaching & accountability but still benefit from hearing the others in your group and learn from them?
  • Become a member of the Mastermind Advisory Board. I will look at this inaugural group as an advisory board. A trusted group of businesses who will help guide and develop this Mastermind into a valuable and sought after membership.

In return for being a trusted advisor, your membership will be half the price. You’ll pay $150 month or $450 per quarter for the Mastermind (rather than $297/month or $789/quarter). This will be your membership price for as long as you remain a Mastermind member. However, if you leave the Mastermind and decide to return at a later time, you will join at the full membership price at the time of your return.