Create impact with your marketing messages

This messaging guide helps you achieve your marketing goals with less stress. Your message and where it is delivered should educate, engage, and empower those you wish to reach. Each of these words is a checkpoint for the effectiveness of your messaging.


Make sure you've covered the who, what, why, where, how and when you need to communicate in your efforts. You need your audience to understand these fundamentals so they understand your relevance to them.


Create a dialog. Encourage and entice your audience to learn more about you and your services. Engage them by being where they are - whether that is social media, point of sale, or in their ears via a podcast or within sight through video.


Take action. Through the efforts of educating and engagement, your audience is empowered to take action - the action that is right for them at the time they need you most.

Educate, Engage, & Empower with your messaging

Download the worksheets and listen to the four companion podcast episodes to bring education, engagement and empowerment to your marketing messages. Each podcast is linked in the thank you message (keep that message) as well as referenced on each worksheet.

Marketing is a process of maintaining relevance in a person's life before they are ready, willing, and able to purchase or use your services. Meaning you are there when they have the financial means, they trust you, and have an actual demand for what you are selling.

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